Visual Center and Z-Pattern

28 January, 2011

Search for 2 samples of good poster design and upload the files to your blog. Within the entry, for each, discuss the use of visual center and z pattern. Also, identify the principles of design that were utilized.


Not Z-PatternThe image of the theater poster, “Black Swan” does not follow the z-pattern. My eyes, when looking at the poster, go straight to the white ballerina on a black background; the center being my focal point. Seeing as there is not any text or such above the black swan, and the pattern does not form the letter “z”, the image does not follow the z-pattern.

The image below of Franz Ferdinand does indeed follow the z-pattern. My eyes directly go to the words “Franz Ferdinand” because they are red on blue and an interesting font. Upon going to the band name, my eyes go to the man in the middle with a red tie, because it is outlined in red, on a light blue background, then the red tie. Finally, my eyes go diagonally to the tour dates at the bottom of the poster. Therefore, the image follows the z-pattern.

Follows Z-Pattern


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