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Review #2

31 October, 2011
Why is file management (organizing your design files) an integral part of the job/assignment process?
–> Organizing each file will help move the job process along faster as well as keeping track of each assignment, layer, text, drafts and final copies, etc.

What is the resolution necessary for printing raster images (images from Photoshop)?
–> The resolution necessary for printing is 300 DPI.

What is the resolution necessary for displaying images on a monitor or website?
–> On a monitor or website, the resolution necessary is 72 DPI.

Name the principles of design and define each in your own words?
–> The principles of design are:
  1. Contrast: Using elements that conflict with one another.
  2. Emphases: Point of attraction in piece that draws the viewers eye.
  3. Unity/Variety: Combining elements in a design to make them work together.
  4. Figure/Ground: A viewer’s eye differentiates object(s) from the surrounding area(s).
  5. Balance: Elements on the piece that are of equal size.
  6. Repetition: An ongoing loop of an element, texture, or pattern.
  7. Rhythm: Visual harmony with design.

Review #1

14 October, 2011
What is imposition?
–> Imposition is when the arrangement of pages in a specific order to assure correct page sequence after the booklet has been printed & bound together.

Why is it an important part of the prepress process?
–> Imposition finalizes the technique and final product. Final proofs and bindings are made.

What other steps are considered to be part of the prepress process?
–> Paper fiber direction, format of the product(s), # of pages printed for the product/within the product, the preferred stitching/binding method, and finishing of the binding.

What is the difference between reader spreads and printer spreads?
–> Reader spreads are how the product will be read and in the order it will be read. The printer spreads are the order of how a product will be printed, not by the order of reading.

What is a spread?
–> A spread is two pages together.