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Job #6

13 September, 2011

PTSA Handbook/Student Directory



  This inspirational piece is so simple, it’s complex: it would be a great creative outlet for the handbook. Where the TRON logo is, a HOOCH logo would be placed instead and where the word “TRON” is, it could say Chattahoochee and then underneath: “Handbook/Student Directory”. As for the “2011-2012” it would go above the HOOCH logo or in the top right-hand corner.






   I love the design of this piece. The dripping paint brush strokes add a since of flair and design into the design itself. Instead of the blues, greens, and warm colours, there would be shades of blues and yellows on a navy background or a grey background with a lighter colour of pinstripes going at an angle –>  \  <– coming from the top right corner all the way down.  Instead, the words would be Chattahoochee where “Graphic” is and HANDBOOK would be in the general area of “DESIGN”. The “&” sign would be used for “and” with “Student Directory” coming afterwards. As for “2011-2012”, it would be placed in the bottom, centered or at an angle to the right.





This piece is probably my favourite of the design inspirational pieces. The way the spirals are formed look so elegant, yet jagged. A design would be similar, but the spirals would all go one way instead of being in both directions [to the left, instead of right]. The colours would be shades of blues and shades of yellows on a black or black-ish background (possibly a really dark grey-black). All of the CHS information would be in the bottom left-hand corner in an off-white or creme colour with a larger, all lower-case.