Essential Questions

What is necessary to properly impose a multiple page document?

–> To properly impose a multiple page document, maximizing space on the page with as much as possible will be a use of a less paper. Also, each page’s specific size will determine how many things will go on each page. If making a book/magazine, the order needs to be consistently in the order the object will be read.

How can designers organize documents and support files?
–> Designers can organize documents and support files by placing them in certain folders on a USB/hard-drive. With a singular name, the files can be found easily.

How can the elements and principles of design effectively be incorporated into a composition?
–> To effectively incorporate the principles of design into a composition, the designer needs to achieve visual harmony by using the seven principles of design.
  1. Contrast
  2. Emphasis
  3. Unity/Variety
  4. Figure/Ground
  5. Balance
  6. Repetition
  7. Rhythm

What is the process of developing designs from concept to final product? Why is this process important?

–> The process of developing designs from concepts to final products is called the creative process. Within this process, the designer must research their vision as well as clients and competition. Once researched, the designer should brainstorm and strive for unique individuality. Sketching thoughts will help better visualize the piece in production. Then, the designer must execute all final plans. Adjunct YOUR ideas, not someone else. Finally, take a few steps backwards from the final product. Critique it and revise it with an observational eye.
How does color impact the creative strategy of design?
–> Colour impacts the creative strategy of design. This is because colour attracts the eye and gives life to an image or piece. Without colour, a piece is drab and gloomy. With colour, a piece has life and purpose. Colours can “describe” different feelings depending on the shape and colour. This boosts the image to its full potential.

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