Advanced Assignments

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Job #10


Task: Create an informational graphic that includes statistics or how to information about your subject. Incorporate a photo that’s related to your photo.

Use: Adobe Illustrator

Reflective Process: I do not like this piece. The only parts I do like are the colours and the cassette tape. I sketched the piece at first and brainstormed but somehow, the piece did not come out as planned. I followed the creative process and I truly loved my outline. However, when the time came to actually put this together, it became a failure of epic proportions. The piece was not even supposed to turn out like the one that I finalized. Not a proud moment. I’ve learned from this: Brainstorm for 3 days and create for 1 day instead of brainstorming for 2 days and designing for 2 days. I took both pictures of the Walkman and the “Ipod” which is really my Zune. The information was found via USAToday and Wikipedia. Something also happened with the resolution and text – it’s completely messed up because the font is not on the Mac, but on my PC at home. Again, not a fine moment. The colours go together and I feel like the cassette tape is the best part of the entire thing. It has colour, detail and contrasts the neon background. I rate this piece, dare I say it, a 3 out of 10. I met the requirements of using my own photography and I have some sort of information.


Job #8


Task: To create a basic informational graphic that includes a bar chart or pie chart, whichever fits the design and information best. Consider colour and readability.

Use: Adobe Illustrator

Reflective Process: Making this design was actually very time consuming. The piece was time consuming because of the mathematics that were involved. First having to find the population of each country and then finding out how many people have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and then finding the percentage of people in each continent who have an ASD. That took forever. However, my favourite parts are the puzzle pieces and the ribbons. The ribbons were traced using PenTool over a car magnet ribbon. Then all of the rest was just piecing the piece together…like a puzzle piece! All in all, I like my infographic.


The Speculator


Task: Craft pages 14 and 15 of The Speculator.

Use: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesgin

Reflective Process: These are pages 14 and 15 in our school magazine, The Speculator. I designed these pages to the best advantage that I could after much editing and proofing. These pages were tedious to create and were worth the while. The overall magazine came out really well and I’m quite proud of the work I’ve completed. The only part that really bothered me about this was the far right article’s leading. Other than that, the page was an experience to make!


Job #6


For Job #6, the assignment was to design a cover for the PTSA Handbook & Student Directory. I did not want this design to be too bland, but I wanted to work around the school colours: blue and gold. Through a series of trial and error, and just messing around with the design, it came to be as is. The “C” with the cougar head in the middle too the longest to fix and make as is. I actually like this design, the background being my favourite part. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it IS slightly plain. My inspirations were inspirational, I just could not think of a decent design using the inspiration. However, the TRON image is what inspired me to do a duel sided image.


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  1. I really like the info ad about autism! 🙂 Good Job!

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