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Job #20 Inspiration

30 April, 2012


Create a design/layout of your choice based on the specs [below]. Once complete, you will have the choice to submit it to the Verve Student Gallery Show in May.



Digital Photography


Image manipulation/actions


Fine art piece


Inspiration? In all honesty, music inspired me. In particular, it was “Sins of My Youth” by Neon Trees. However, for photography, the idea of sparklers or fireworks in the night sky and drawing with them, etc. sounded really appealing and fun to do. For the sepia tones, I decided to look up artists with really nice sepia tones. I stumbled upon Lorne Resnick and loved the colours…or rather, lack thereof. I do not photograph wild animals, so something more simplistic seemed better. The idea for sparklers popped into my head and I found some really great photos: [photos are courtesy of the websites they are linked to!]




As for my model, I needed someone with long arms, someone tall. This way, I could write “SINS OF MY YOUTH” on his arms on one arm and have him holding a sparkler in the other. Finally, I just wanted a simple black background that I could write lyrics on. From there, I would only colour “SINS OF MY YOUTH” located on his arm, and the sparklers bursting with all sorts of colours. The background would consist of lyrics or words that depict the idea of a sinful, but fun youth. Live free, live young, always. Or something of that essence. The piece is not supposed to be very light or very dark, so it is a contrasting piece of both aspects.