Review #1

14 October, 2011
What is imposition?
–> Imposition is when the arrangement of pages in a specific order to assure correct page sequence after the booklet has been printed & bound together.

Why is it an important part of the prepress process?
–> Imposition finalizes the technique and final product. Final proofs and bindings are made.

What other steps are considered to be part of the prepress process?
–> Paper fiber direction, format of the product(s), # of pages printed for the product/within the product, the preferred stitching/binding method, and finishing of the binding.

What is the difference between reader spreads and printer spreads?
–> Reader spreads are how the product will be read and in the order it will be read. The printer spreads are the order of how a product will be printed, not by the order of reading.

What is a spread?
–> A spread is two pages together.

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