Font-tacular Fonts

23 May, 2011

Sympathy card font is called “Philosopher” and is categorized as sans-serif. It does not have serifs. I chose this font because it just looks so somber and neutral. It doesn’t “look” like it would be for a cheery card or birthday card. It is definitely a sympathy-card-looking-font.

Hot Dog Stand! This font is “Ballpark Weiner” and is categorized as script. It’s cursive and script-like. So hence, it is script. I chose this font because it looked like something that I could see on a hot dog card in Times Square or something. It looks (especially in this red colour) like a nice-looking hot dog stand. Also, it has a more rounded serif and lends formal elements to a layout. It has varied strokes which is reminiscent of handwriting.

Diner-Styled Restaurant is called “Grease”. This is more of a modern , decorative font. This is better designed for larger point sizes or display. It’s very distinctive with the diner-styled era.

The Logo For a Financial Institution is called “Sanford” and is considered serif or Roman. It has wedge-shaped angled serifs and has a low contrast of thick-to-thin strokes. It looks sophisticated!

Certificate for a Prestigious Award’s font is called “GregorianFLF” and it happens to be one of my favourite fonts. It looks so righteous and is considered a blackletter font. It resembles calligraphy/done by hand. It is highly ornamental and has elaborate thick-to-thin strokes. GregorianFLF looks official and highly-credited. It would more than likely be seen on more official documents (like your diplomas).


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