2 May, 2011

In February of 2011, IBM used their newest breakthrough Watson on Jeopardy. What is Watson? Watson is a POWER7 Machine using multiple core processors to solve a question in less than three seconds. Watson ended up winning the Jeopardy episode “he” appeared on. The advantages to this machine are great in numbers. It can think for itself and is a faster thinker than humans are. Watson buzzed-in the fastest in Jeopardy for most questions. Humans have the advantage over machine in the way that humans understand natural language and the urban flow of things. Watson responded best to signals rather than natural language. I believe this is a huge step for technology and our progress in the field of machinery. With IBM’s POWER7 processor, who knows what could become of this technology? This could create new medications and vaccines or help produce a better planet. Whatever the case may be, I think Watson’s creation is impressive and is a good thing.


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