The Man Behind the Collage: David Hockney

22 April, 2011

Born in July of 1937 in England, David Hockney began loving art as a young boy. First attending Wellington Primary School, then to Bradford Grammar School, he then graduated from Bradford College of Art and Royal College of Art in London. He worked for the English National Service and was given the Companion of Honour and was made a Royal Academician. Surprisingly, he was offered knighthood, yet declined it for untold reasons why. He worked with photography and photograph collages. Painting and set design are his other strengths in the Arts. He won the John Moores Painting Prize for his 1967 painting, Peter Getting Out Of Nick’s Pool at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, UK.

Born with synesthesia, he sees synesthetic colours to musical stimuli. He often painted along to the sounds of the opera or whatever he had on in the background at the time. He is closely associated with the Pop Art Movement being one of the most important British artists in the 1960s. He is currently working out of Yorkshire, UK and his base in London to help save the arts programs.

Two Examples of  his collage work:

Merced River, Yosemite Valley, 1982.

Telephone Pole, 1982.


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