Assignment #7: Combination Mark

22 April, 2011

A combination mark is a brand that includes both text and a symbol/icon that signifies the brand image. Concise text should complement the icon or symbol providing clarity as to what your enterprise is all about. As a general rule, a designer should use NO MORE THAN 2 FONTS within a composition.

Using Adobe Illustrator (only), design a combination mark that incorporates the hammer or key artwork we sketched in class. For the hammer, use the company name of HANDY MAN CONSTRUCTION, for the key, use the company name of KEY REAL ESTATE. Your logo should be black and white only, allowing you to focus on the art and typography.


I decided to sketch keys onto my sheet and therefore decided to design a simple key for “KEY REAL ESTATE”. It’s simple enough to convey the image yet complex enough to fit a logo (at least in my perspective).


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