Trendy Type

31 March, 2011

Type is not new. It is not old. It is something that can never go out of style, or be yesterday’s fashion. The way we type is much different than the way we typed, say…a hundred years ago. To print took forever back then; hard, manual labour. Now, it takes only a few seconds. This generation has computers which were not around in the days of old. We have facebook, twitter, blogs, myspace and tumblr. It’s a flick of the wrist to send messages to friends and family without leaving the comfort of your own home. One can even send a tweet or post halfway across the globe in a matter of seconds. What happened to decorated letter-writing and the Pony Express?

Our forms of visual communication is set with the trends of Now. Whatever is in is the way we talk, type, and read. Popular fonts go with the decades and days gone by. It’s hard to imagine (for some) typing on a rickety typewriter, then creasing the pages to fit within the confines of an envelope. We ‘LOL’ and say ‘OMG’ and the music we listen to heavily influences type. Today, our graphics possibilities are endless, the sky is the limit. No more simple graphics and petty colours and pretty fonts. We can now get technical and our art and type can be however the mind envisions them.

In my opinion, the most probable causes for our influences of type are the clothes we wear and the music we listen to. Everyone may have a different speech pattern, but the way we type is slightly similar. With the technology we use to communicate with and use to print or submit to the internet is quick and easy. Whatever the trends are today can be gone tomorrow. It is just how we all interpret trendy type.


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