Assignment #6: Relief Printing

30 March, 2011

For this assignment, create movable type/stamp relief print onto cardstock. Use expressive type as the inspiration for your movable type/stamp. Expressive type is a form of typography in which you illustrate the meaning of a word using only the word itself.

1. Choose a word to illustrate expressively.

2. Either use Illustrator to create a template for the stamp or sketch it directly onto the foam (backwards*)

3. Cut the type out of the foam.

4. Cut your artboard out of white card stock

5. Glue it onto remainging card stock to create the stamp

6. Ink your type/stamp and relief print it onto the artboard.

I chose to do the word “Peek” for my relief printing. I tried to make it appear like it was ‘peeking’ over the bottom part of the page. One of my favourite assignments; it was hands-on and tedious, but produced nice results.


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