Assignment #4: Miniscule Trajan

10 March, 2011

The Trajan font is only made up of upper case characters. For this assignment, design the given lower case characters. First, research the history of Trajan and sketch your ideas. Second, scan in your sketches. Use Illustrator to trace your characters. Utilize guide lines as needed to keep the strokes of your character aligned. Third, manipulate your design in Photoshop to make it chiseled into stone or the side of a stone structure. Fourth, PLACE your image into InDesign and package.


My letters were “c” and “e”.


This particular assignment was quite interesting to complete. It wasn’t extremely difficult, nor too tedious. Although my image is not perfect, I think it represents the entire object of the assignment: sketch your scanned Trajan letters into a piece of stone. My stone is rocky marble top, which is quite fitting, or at least seems so.


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