Creation of the Phonetic Alphabet | Began Around 1050 BC

2 March, 2011

Example of the Phoenician Alphabet:

Example of the Greek Alphabet:

Example of the Roman Alphabet:















1.Why was the Phoenician alphabet successful?

The success of the Phoenician alphabet is based on the fact that the trading culture of the Phoenicians was spread to parts of Europe and Northern Africa.

2. What is a “social structure” of a civilization?

The “social structure” of a civilization are also known as “classes” of a civilization. They distinguish the High Class (Royalty, wealthy merchants, land owners, government officials/employees, Army personnel/chiefs), Aristocracy), the Middle Class (Small merchants, skilled craftsmen, teachers, labourers, etc.), and the Lower Class (Workers, farmers, foreigners, immigrants, and slaves).

3. Why is the Roman alphabet the most widely used and what contributions did it make?

The Roman alphabet’s contributions included the uses of typography (i.e.: serifs, baseline, descenders). Also, it is most widely used because it was spread to most of Europe back when Rome ruled most of the land in what is known as Europe today. The Germans, Baltics, and Celtics, and Slavs used the Latin alphabet as a base for their own alphabet. The Romans influenced not only culture, but language as well. From there, the language was spread overseas when the Christians were trying to conquer Australia, and parts of Africa and the Americas.

4. Compare and contrast the three alphabets.

The Phonetic alphabet, which the Greek and Roman alphabets are practically based on, used some forms of distinct letters we know very well today. Shapes and lines were used, it did not look as primitive, and was more widespread than hieroglyphics and symbols. The Greek alphabet is the “truly original alphabet” because it is the “true base” of ALL alphabets, including the Latin (Roman) alphabet. The Roman alphabet is the most widely spread alphabet, exceeding both the Phonetic and Grecian alphabets. Although the Grecian alphabet is still used today, most countries use the Latin alphabet. Phonetics still come from the Phoenicians.

5. When and where did lowercase, or minuscule. letters develop?

Lower cased letters developed during the Middle Ages when cursive writing was first used. Prior to, only writing was done in uppercase print.


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