Assignment #3: Pictographs and Ideograms

28 February, 2011

Choose a saying, phrase, quotation, poem, nursery rhyme, etc. to work with. Utilizing only visuals (no words). Illustrate your chosen text in Adobe Illustrator. Open your pictographs/ideograms in Photoshop. Using layer blends and opacity, manipulate your illustration to look like it’s been impressed/chiseled into stone or clay. To complete, place your image into InDesign and add the text associated with your illustration.


This was not my final image, I did have a grey background and some text (the lyrics) on the bottom, but InDesign would not convert to an image WordPress allowed, so here is my Photoshop image, which is going to have to do for the night until I can get InDesign to convert/save for web. This image was sort of tricky to accomplish. It took a while, only because the blending options had to be precise, otherwise the impressions were either too dark, or too light. In the end, it looked pretty great (in my perspective). The pictograph I created are lyrics taken from Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”. The lyrics in my pictograph are:

“If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass us by?”


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